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non-Voron question for experts


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I am in the middle of a 2.4 build, but I wanted some expert opinions on what to do with a OLD Airwolf HD printer.
It works fine, but EXTREMELY slow. If I upgrade the hotend will it be a decent backup printer, or must it go directly to the dumpster because of other shortcomings?

I hope it is OK to ask this question since there is a new Voron 2.4 build in progress.
DanPin - I 100% agree with vinnycordeiro's answer to your question, but are you asking the correct question?

I think many people build a Voron printer for the adventure of it, rather than just buying an off the shelf unit. Lots of evolution, mods and customization's. One of the roles for a secondary printer is to be able to print parts for the primary printer when it is undergoing surgery or when something breaks or melts.

Maybe a better question to consider is what would be your use model for a secondary printer? and is it worth the effort rebuilding some 2015 technology or would you be better off putting the money into a smaller Trident or V0? Guessing the Airwolf HD is 12V tech so you'd need to upgrade the power supply to 24V as well? and you end up with something that is "non-standard".

Amazon reviews of the Airwolf HD printer are mixed. People either love it or hate it. Doesn't seem to have an enclosure and I wonder if you can get 50-60C chamber temps to print ABS or ASA parts?
VoronManiac, Thanks for the insight. I guess my main issue is that I spent nearly $3k for this many years ago. But now compared to my Bamboo Labs X1 Carbon, it is a dinosaur.
It just troubles me to junk it since everything still works. And after I finish my Voron 2.4 build, I really won't need a third printer.
I don't know if it is even worth donating.....but that might be better than a dumpster.

Thanks again for the input.