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Not Voron related but where else look for answer?


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I am new to printer modification. Is there anyone with experience on PID tuning and upgrade. I upgraded my older printer with a new part: https://www.artillery3d.com/products/artillery-sw-x1-genius-full-metal-extruder Upon complete the autotune, I cannot update the stock configuration due to limited access to the EEPROM. If any of you worked on upgrading what is your solution on this problem? I cannot believe it is product sold by the same company of the printer and this is what I have to put up with. If autotune is not convenient in this case, then I will consider swap the board with custom built. For a board upgrade how can I config the firmware setting according to my hardware standard? Or does the board comes with firmware or I need to custom install it? Sorry this maybe off the topic but there seems no better place to ask these kind question.
At first: Yes that's pretty much offtopic and it's not voron related or even klipper related. If you're still using marlin (most printers come with it) you're probably out of luck here, as most vorons use klipper and rrf.

Your firmware and settings all depend on the motherboard you're using. You likely need to burn a bootloader to it to be able to flash a custom compiled firmware for your printer.
If you have a pi laying around, i would see if you can flash klipper to it and the motherboard as it makes custom builds much easier. You only have to edit the printer configuration file via the browser and restart to have changes applied, with marlin you have to compile & flash the firmware for each change (apart from rotation distance and pid tuning).
What printer? Is this using Klipper or Marlin firmware? I would say 99% or printers will allow PID tuning and saving to EEPROM.

A few basic gcode commands will do a PID tune.

Here is one video but I am sure there are plenty of "how to" videos