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Nozzle suggestions for ABS/ASA on Stealthburner Voron 2.4


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I've had my Voron complete for about a year. I'm running an E3D V6 on it and it works just fine, but man I feel like there has to be better nozzles out there by now. I recently got my Prusa XL and I want to make my Voron a dedicated ABS/ASA machine since the Prusa handles PLA and PETG like a champ.

What would be the best nozzle for me to get?
Hi, do you mean nozzle or the whole hotend?
Nozzle is just the metal part with orifice at the bottom, from which melted plastic goes out. Hotend is the whole assembly with heater block, heatbreak, heatsink.
Like Sanity mentioned I think you mean hotend.

I use the Pheatus Repido with a .6 nozzle on my V2.4 and like it alot.
There are mods to use a Bambu labs hotend and those are "cheap" in my book but great hotends.
What are your priorities for printing? High flow? High Heat? Abrasives? That can help people make suggestions.
I really only have experience with Revo, but I like it enough that I haven't gone looking for alternatives.
I like to print PETG once in a while and I hate the way it always finds a gap no matter how well I hot tighten the V6 type nozzles. I went E3D Revo and never looked back. I'm running consistent 24 cubic mm per second through my SB and no complaints (and I can switch in an ObXidian HF when I need to do abrasives - I have hardened Bond tech gears as well)