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Solved Octopus v1.1 communication interface UART vs USB mode


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Voron 2.4.r2 Rev.C LDO kit
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Hi there folks,

Just a quick question i cant seem to find an answer for on this forum, nor anywhere else.
I am waiting for my PIF parts to arrive, so i thought i would do some electronics configuration. I am using a LDO kit Rev.C with a Pi3b. The kit comes with a PCB to hookup the Pi so it gets powered over the pins.

The BTT manual states you can configure the firmware in two ways:

    • Communication interface = USB (on PA11/PA12)
    • Communication interface = Serial (on USART2 PD6/PD5)
however it is unclear to me what the difference is, and why i should choose one over the other. This topic is not covered on the LDO website nor the Voron2.4r2 manual.

Hope someone can shed some light on this.
Sure, serial is basically just a JST plug with some wires going to the GPIO pins on the PI.

The USB, is just that, it uses a USB-C to USB-A cable to send the communication. Both are very similar with the USB being a cleaner solution since the wires are encased in a sleeve.

I would say 90% or more are most likely using the USB method.
Thanks, this was one of those things i was affraid was gonna bite me later on. But it doesnt matter, i'm running USB now and can leave it like that. Awesome!
Serial setup is a bit more finicky to setup and somewhat slower than USB, but other than that, either way works fine. Most people do USB beacause it is essentially plug and play.