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Omron inductive probe accuracy


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Hi All,

I am having some challenges with my Switchwire's Omron inductive probe / mesh. Now, I have to confess I do not know if this probe is an OEM component or a ripoff part but it looks genuine (has a black wiring outer sheeth if that helps).

Now, I am getting some inconsistent results when probing and the results point to it possibly being elsewhere and not just the probe.

This testing was run with a cold printer (23 deg c).
If I home the printer i can then do a probe accuracy test and it will give a consistant result i.e 8-9 out of 10 are the same.
If I run a mesh then the probe will have challenges with the first series of 3 per probe point on a lot of the 6x6 mesh and then come back with a successful second set of 3 on retry. This is on two different beds (i.e I used the I3 MK3 as well as a new PEI spring steel bed)
From the looks and consistency it looks as much like a motion problem (i.e on each move it is having a challenge with that probe point) as a probe issue.

To diagnose, I increaded the stepper current on the base config file from LDO from a run current of 0.5 to 0.7 to see if that maybe the problem on X and Z. I also tightened the belts.

This is my last set of tests prior to heading to a test print so wanted to see if there is a fix / somewhere to look.
Frame is possibly LDO - looking at the way it was anodized after being tapped.
Steppers are LDO
Rails are LDO
Belts are gates
Bed is PRUSA MK52 with MK3 top and I also tested a different PEI bed.
Motion prints are the originals I received when purchasing this second hand in parts - dont look too bad. Bearings all feel ok / turn freely.

Has anyone else come across this issue on the Switchwire?

I will answer my own question here for reference for any one else that has this issue:

I found one on the X/Z motor mounts was slightly loose and had a small amount of front to back movement. This combined with out of spec belt tension was enough to cause the lack of consistency with the mesh on each move. Tight enough screw pressure on the stepper mount to the frame to stop this feels slightly too tight on ABS to stop this - you can hear it objecting but it has done the trick.