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Perimeter gaps


Printer Model
Voron 2.4 300mm
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type

I am having issues while tuning my pressure advance, I have tested all flows between 0.92-1.08 and I am pretty sure this is not the issue. I have tried several different nozzles, and I am currently running a CHT 0.4. I am using Ellis's tuning guide and his pattern method. However, I cannot raise the pa above 0.03 without too many gaps. From what I've read a Voron 2.4 with Stealthburner CW2 with Rapido should run about 0.04 to 0.05 in PA. Any ideas what the issue might be? I am using Esun ABS+ with Ellis Superslicer 24 mm^3 profiles, with Arachne with the settings below. I've tried temps between 255-270, and it makes no difference. Esteps is calibrated. I've run input shaper and tuned it.Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 13.19.07.png
Looks like you have done your share of testing. Might be the filament, or speeds. What happens if you slow down by say 10 or 20mm a sec?
Found the issue, reverted back from Superslicer Arachne to version 2.4 and tuned pa to 0.435, now the gaps are gone and prints are looking nice. Might help someone if they are stuck with the same issue.

Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 10.39.52.png