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Question Possible hotends for P-DRG hotend mount, OR, help me get a good feed.


I have a 0.2 and the kit came with a V6 CHC hotend that fits in a P-DRG hotend mount.

I think my heatbreak is bent/kinked. I can send a 1.5 mmm hex key all the way through, but I feel a catch just before the heater block, but I cannot get a filament to go all the way through (even when heated). I was having some extrusion problems before the total failure to feed. The heat break is a single tube, just larger than the filament, held into the heat sink with an insert and 2 grub screws.
Well, I managed to clean out the heatbreak with a cheap heat gun and some filament. More like the Tzar Bomba of atomic pulls, but it worked!

I'm still shopping for a hotend, but I'm not as desperate now.
I think I have a Bambu labs hotend in my V0. Cheapest hotend that performs on the same level as high end hotends.