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Power Consumption on a 350


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Printer Model
V2.4 350
Extruder Type
LGX Lite
Cooling Type
Got myself a new Multimeter that happened to come with a Wattage Metering Attachment so what better thing to do than to test it on than my 350 sized V2.4 running a Keenovo Silicone Heatmat.

Around 620W during the Warmup Phase while heating both the Bed ( 95°C ) and Hot End ( 150°C ):
Averaging between 200-250W while Printing with a 255°C Hot End:
No particular message from me... Just thought it might be of interest to someone 😏
Roughly in line with my findings (reworded my post from #voron_electronics on discord)

Initial peak is around 1000W for a 750W bed and Rapido both at 100% duty cycle.
This quickly drops to around 350-400W and gradually declines to 150-260W in the following 20minutes


Now my graph covers the first 25 minutes or so, as this is where most of the big changes in numbers are going to show up, it will eventually stabilise closer to the low peaks (150-200W) with no motor movement.

Which equates to about 220-250w in my experience (0.23-0.25kW/h)