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Printer is not ready The klippy host software is attempting to connect.


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Hey all,
I built and ran this LDO printer kit about a year ago. It ran for months without issue. we moved to another location and it sat up until a month ago. I went to fire it back up and noticed my son took the SD card out of the pi. I bought a new one and went through the whole software install again. Yesterday as I was finalizing all the firmware settings, I ran a QGL and afterwords it gave the above (title) error. Here is the Klippy log file (I deleted some info out of thew middle to reduce file size). in SSH if I run "ls >/dev/serial/by-id/" I get "Is a directory" um duh. If I try to adjust in any way I get "no such file or directory" So basically I am unable to see the serial number.

Previously when I reloaded all the software to get this printer up and running again (when my son took out the SD card). This command did not work "cp out/klipper.bin ../klipper_config/firmware.bin" to rename the file. I had to use: "cp out/klipper.bin ../printer_data/config/firmware.bin" not sure if that matters.

Can someone please give me some direction to go to get this issue corrected before I just start all over with the software install.



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