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Question Quality issues

Z3D Prints

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Clockwork 2
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No idea what’s causing this. The inside wall is fine. Haven’t had these blobs and wavering in any other print.

But the lower half has inconsistent Z as well. That’s been a long standing problem I can’t solve. Any ideas?

I’ve tried reracking, double checking square, tightness in gantry, replaced belts, checked for cracked motor mounts, calibrating E steps, flow rate, extrusion multiplier, input shaper, and PA.

Voron 2.4, stealth burner, CW2, Tap, pla @215c (dehydrated), mosquito magnum with 0.6mm nozzle.


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Maybe consider trying a different Slicer or reset your current one in case you yourself ( or an Update ) have managed to change a setting you're unaware causing this?
My guess would be either wrong nozzle setting in the slicer or insufficient part cooling. Try double checking your slicer settings and playing around with the amount of cooling :)