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questions from an amateur


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voron 2.4
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Clockwork 1
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Hello to all voron addicts,

I have a voron 2.4 (first version) with pi, two bigtreetech skr 1.3 afterburner and two mg9 rails. I want to do a big upgrade and i need your lights, because after many hours of reading i don't know many things

The upgrade include:

clockwork 2 extruder
one mgn 12 rail
tap (ordered)
stealthburner (i allready ordered rapido hf plus)
My questions are:

1) can i connect canbus on skrs or pi or i need to change controller? Do i need to change controller for better speed?

2) which canbus boards to choose for easy installation and mostly without heat or other problems?

3) after solving 1 and 2 what about xy endstops? (i would like to remove the chains)

4) the fans have to be 24v ?

5) umbilical and canbus goes together?

6)do i need to take care of something else for thiw upgrade that maybe didn't think about?

7) any other suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

1) You cannot use the SKR 1.3 as a CANBUS adapter. You can keep using the board and you can get a USB CANBUS adapter. Commonly used are UTOC (Mellow), U2C (BigTreeTech) or any other not 3D printing targeted one, such as CANable or others. You connect this to your Pi and then you can hook up the toolhead board to it.

2) You can choose any of the stealthburner boards (SB2040, SB2209, SB2240, etc.). I know, the namings are confusing, every manufacturer does its own thing :/ I think more generic boards such as the EBB36 or FLY-SHT should be usable too. From my understanding, the SB2209 from BTT (but the one with the STM32 MCU) should be the most ok one up until now. I would recommend that you do your research here depending on your needs.

3) I do not understand what you mean here with the chains. You can either keep using the endstops you have or do sensorless homing if you have drivers that support it.

4) Most of the boards have 5V regulators too and a small 12V regulator has started being used recently. So the answer is mostly yes, but it depends why are you asking. Stock fans on SB are 24V.

5) Mostly yes, depends on your preference. I have seen people leave the smaller cable bundle used with CANBUS in the chains, either due to aesthetics or some other reasons.

6) Someone with more knowledge of V2 will have to chime in for this one.

7) See 6)