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Rise of Cerberus (LDO v2.4 350mm build)

Pics to come soonish as I have been working on the gantry, but boy am I annoyed that Chaotic Labs claim the Omron sensor fits when they're using the CAD for the old PL-08N2 in their documents, and the Omron very much so does NOT fit into the x carriage toolhead mount thingy. Naturally found this out shortly after trimming the belts too, but thankfully it looks like I left just enough to be able to get the stock carriage in there and secure the belts.
Spare time has been focused on other areas, namely tidying up the living room and redoing my mini painting desk so it's more ergonomic and has actual storage to it, so haven't gotten any more work done on the printer, but here's at least how it's currently looking...

No idea how my phone managed to make most of the photo blurry, but apparently that's a superpower it has.

And here's the issue with the x carriage from Chaotic Labs. They claim it fits, but the only way that probe is going to fit in there is if you do some serious surgery to the back, and I'm not willing to start hacking away part of something to coerce it to fit. Besides, it turns out I forgot to print yet more things for the printer's build, so it wasn't that hard to get a plate of parts going on that front. Absolutely love the instructions for the Clockwork 2 carriage, which are waaaay nicer than the old Clockwork 1 one was, what with attaching one half to hold the belts in place, run your belts, and THEN attach the other half and bolt the two together. CW1 was assemble both parts of the carriage and then curse fifteen times as you're trying to tighten belts aaaaaaaaand you've pulled one of them out from the other side. Oops.
Real life happened again, but now that hopefully that (and the insanity at work) is going to die down at least a little bit. Got the Clockwork 2 carriage sorted out, and thankfully with how I'd trimmed the belts before finding out that issue with the Chaotic Labs carriage there was enough remaining to tension with the stock carriage..

But just barely. That was "fun" to get sorted out, but on the flipside I also somehow got belt tension bang on, so I'll take victories where they come about!

Yup, we're at that part of the manual! No pics of the soldering setup, partially because I just wanted to get the heatsets in, and partially because, well, nobody wants to see my kitchen counters. I really need to get a soldering iron with a cable that's longer, so I can use it at one of my desks/workbenches...

A little while later and we have an assembled Clockwork 2 and Stealthburner. I'll have to change the connector on those LEDs since I'll be using the Stealthburner toolhead... Which I should probably order in from someone, since LDO's is slightly different than the HartK one, and I kind of pilfered the Afterburner one that was in the kit for use on my Trident (made life easier for getting it back up and running using their breakout board). Sock is missing on the Rapido in order to remind myself later on that oh hey, that nozzle is only in just barely finger tight and I'll need to hot tighten it. Yup, put the Rapido I'd already purchased in there for a few reasons, but the biggest was I already have it. I'll contemplate Revo Voron later on, since I'm still debating a wide variety of things as to what I actually want - who knows, I may just wind up getting a Dragon for this printer too, since I'm generally quite happy with it in the Trident.

I'm hoping to be updating this thread more often, as I'd love to see this printer fire up and melt plastic this year!