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Question Room level filtering for multiple printers?


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This might not be the best place to ask but the other sub-forums didn't seem to fit either so thought I'd try here. I've got a V2.4 and V0 in what will become my printing room. Both of those have Nevermore filters. The one in the V0 is quite awesome. The one in the V2.4 I may need to adjust or look at since I can smell some ABS fumes from it after printing (though not nearly as bad and the 2.4 is printing bigger parts of course). I'll also be moving my 3 MK3s into the same room soon.

MK3s will be printing PLA and PETG. Vorons PLA, PETG, and ABS though I don't think I'll be printing ABS super often (I'm only using it for a few prints plus of course printing 3D printer parts for all the printers - including the MK3s as I want to start moving them over to ABS parts as I do maintenance and things on them).

In addition to the Nevermores I have a simple Corsi-Rosenthal box (the box fan one) in the middle of the room to grab particulates.

With all that said, I'm curious what folks who might be doing something similar recommend for having a bit more filtering capacity. PLA doesn't tend to bother me much but I noticed if I'm doing prototypes and am using crappy PLA, I noticed some not so nice smells (more plastic and less delicious burnt sugar). Since PLA is printed with the doors open, Nevermore can only do so much.

I recall the Nevermore team is looking at bigger filter setups (like the Max) and I recall reading on their discord talk of a whole room filter of some kind but thought I would also ask here to see what people are doing.