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SB2040 and DOA 2209


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So i recently did a upgrade to SB+CW2+SB2040, and i got most of it working, except my extruder motor connected too the SB2040 card.
Im trying to eliminate what could be wrong. I have tried connecting the motor to a 2209 on my SKR1.3 as it was before, and both old and new motor is working.

But connected to my sb2040, nothing is happening. So its either something blatantly obvious im overlooking, or the 2209 chip on the board is doa.

step_pin: sb2040:gpio9
dir_pin: sb2040:gpio10
enable_pin: sb2040:gpio7
rotation_distance: 22.6789511    #Bondtech 5mm Drive Gears

gear_ratio: 50:10                #BMG Gear Ratio
microsteps: 16
full_steps_per_rotation: 200    #200 for 1.8 degree, 400 for 0.9 degree
nozzle_diameter: 0.400
filament_diameter: 1.75
heater_pin: sb2040:gpio6
##    Validate the following thermistor type to make sure it is correct
sensor_type: ATC Semitec 104GT-2
sensor_pin: sb2040:gpio27
min_temp: 10
max_temp: 280
max_power: 1.0
min_extrude_temp: 170
#control = pid
#pid_kp = 26.213
#pid_ki = 1.304
#pid_kd = 131.721
##    Try to keep pressure_advance below 1.0
#PA med 0,4 dyse
#pressure_advance: 0.0499
#PA med 0,6 dyse
pressure_advance: 0.0220
##    Default is 0.040, leave stock
pressure_advance_smooth_time: 0.040

##    E0 on MCU X/Y
##    Make sure to update below for your relevant driver (2208 or 2209)
[tmc2209 extruder]
uart_pin: sb2040:gpio8
interpolate: false
run_current: 0.5
#hold_current: 0.4
sense_resistor: 0.110
stealthchop_threshold: 0

I think my pins are correct. Is there anyway else i can do to test the onboard 2209 chip?
Or is there any other tips? :D
If I recall, the 2040 has a jumper that needs to be connected for it to work. Do you have a pic of the board with your connections on it?
The jumper next to the CAN cables, its there. Only other thing I can think if is if the wires are not in the correct order? I keep forgetting to look at my config for comparison but I will.
Cables for SB2040 are different connected, had the same problem. You have to test your motor cables and change it on the connector to match the SB2040 layout.
Well, i fixed it. But i dont understand why :p

According to the documentation and color coding of the motor. I had it correctly wired before. But that didnt work.
Swapped 2 of the wires, and now it works as it should :eek:

Thanks for the tips guys, much appreciated! :D
Motor wire colors are not consistent between vendors (and sometimes between a vendor's models). To find the right connections you can either use a multimeter to find the leads with continuity or short a couple of wires together (both methods please disconnect the motor from the printer). When you short two leads from the same coil, the motor will be hard to turn compared to everything disconnected. So then you can hook up your motor using the A/B coil designated pins.