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[Solved] Searching older SB/CW2 ebb36 v1.1 mount


Hello Guys,
the mount for the EBB36 v1.1 on my Stealthburner recently failed due to poor layer adhesion and i can't find the model anymore.
In the front (which is hidden on the picture behind the zipties) is a voron logo caved in, in the back beneath the pcb is the text v1.1 caved in.
Does someone know which model this is and where i can find it? A few hours searching got me now result. i hope thats the right forum for that question :)

Thank you :)


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Without looking around, why not use a different mount that does the same thing?
Would be an option, but this one looks really cool and fits the tube used perfectly.
Will do that ofc if i can not find the same again :)