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Stealthburner step file?


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Hello everyone, brand new to the site so apologies ahead of time if I'm asking something I should have been able to find on my own. I have a V2.4 300mm with a Phaetus Rapido HF extruder. It works fantastic with one exception, because the fan ducts that are aimed at the nozzle are located towards the front half of the nozzle- the back half naturally gets less cooling. Where this becomes an issue for me is when I attempt to print threads, for example a large bolt. What occurs is a slight up curl on the tips of the threads where there is less cooling, when using certain filaments.
So hence my quest, I was hoping someone may have a set of .step files that would allow me to relocate the ducts slightly further back to provide a little more even cooling around the nozzle. I did locate the printable .stl files on the website but unfortunately no matter what I try I can not format the files so they are workable with my Solidworks. Also, if I do manage to get a workable file and I am happy with the mods, is this something others would have an interest in? Please let me know and I'll be happy to post the results for others to use.
Cheers and many thanks in advance for anyone able to help.
Hello and thank you for the reply, unfortunately the download link for the file ( Stealthburner_Printhead_Rapido.STEP ) only provides lines of code. I've tried to figure out how to convert that to a useable model but seems to be beyond my level. It appears that the only section I really need is the "front" portion (stealthburner_printhead_rapido_front) to make the modification to the cooling ducts. Hoping someone may still have that in a .step file format. Cheers!
Thank you, Fusion360 populated it without any issue. I'll need to fumble through a bit as I'm new to Fusion360 but coming from SW I think I'll be able to get familiar with some of the basics. Can't say enough for the support you guys offer in here! Thank you again
The concepts are pretty similar to SW overall. The main thing that tripped me up is the different use of mouse button & key combos for moving your viewpoint. There are good tutorial series on YouTube for Fusion360 aimed at 3D printing use.