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Question Stripped screws when adjusting Z axis extrusions to be 37mm

Printer Model
Voron 0.2
Hey, this is my first post here so go easy on me :)

As I was adjusting the horizontal cross members and fiddling to make them all 37mm (p. 57 on v0.2r1 manual) including screwing them in and unscrewing, I accidentally stripped the screws. Right now, they're all about 1 mm give or take from 37mm (one side of the extrusion was 36mm other side was 37, and the top extrusions are both also off by different amounts).

Anyways, how much does this matter for the rest of the build? Should I continue onwards or try to use a drill to extract the screws using a screw extractor set? (badly edited image of the screw location attached, if you want any other piece of information ask away).


  • screws_location_image.png
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I don't have a Zero, but I think the impact would be if the Z frame isn't perpendicular to the XY gantry, the you will have issues with print quality.
If it's forward / backward a bit, that shouldn't matter too much - as long as it's perpendicular to the top frame parts.