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Tap questions


New member
I am currently reconstructing a custom diy build (originally dbot like) that i broke by tightening belts to much :oops:

I have now decided to rebuild smaller and also decided to use Voron like gantry to allow compatibility with voron extruders and toolheads.
I have also decided to use TAP.

However, I have a spare linear rail that I also want to use. So I want one linear rail on the front of the 2020 extrusion and one on the back.

Screenshot from 2024-06-09 10-14-31.png

What are the bolts sticking out at the back bottom for?

Would it be possible to extend the back plate down and under the extrusion to connect it with a second linear rail on the back ? Having never seem a Voron in person its hard for me to see if that idea would interfere with the rest of the Voron toolheads.

Thanks. Hope this makes sense.
Those bolts that "stick out" are for the toolhead to rest on. The toolhead has like a crab claw that slides down over them.
Ah I think I should be OK as i was visualising it upside down. i don't see any reason I can't connect to a rail on the back side. Thanks