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TAP slows acceleration?

Kapman's Basement Workshop just posted a new video: Voron TAP build, install, configuration, tips & tricks, final thoughts. In it, he shows tentative results suggesting a large reduction in acceleration after installing tap as measured with input shaper. What is your experience? How did your input shaper recalibrations come out? Are you slowing down because of TAP?
ADXL shows about 10% less, but as I have some reserves I did not slow down. print quality is still very good, no visible difference.


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I had massive ringing in X and some extra ringing in Y after installing Tap. No matter how many times I disassembled and re-assembled, ringing was there and high frequency spike around 130 Hz. HOWEVER ... after all this I suspected my X rail. I bought a new MGN12H rail and installed it. Well the ringing was gone (verified by same gcode as before) and resonance measurement charts had no more high frequency spike. I posted the charts on Discord Voron Tap channel yesterday to show the difference. My point is that Tap just accentuated existing problem (it took quite some time to find the root cause). X rail was either always bad, got worse over time, or just needs good cleaning and re-lubrication. Therefore Tap itself is not the main reason for issues with acceleration and ringing, it is most likely something with motion system.
I didn't look at my before and after accel speeds but I look at it this way, TAP is going to give me a better first layer and it has, vs have slightly better acceleration. But if speed is what you want, I would not go tap. Klicky, Unklicky, Euclid are all better options if you are chasing speed.
It's quite logical that you'd have lower max accel, it adds 50mm of MGN9 rail and a carrier on the toolhead as well as quite a lot of screws. More weight = less accel. I don't have the values on hand but I did a before and after ADXL measurement and it did show lower values, although not dramatically lower. I can post the graphs in a few hours.