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Tap with glass build plate?

Great question! I have yet to hear of anyone trying it. I suspect it would be fine as it's not tapping with force but more of a push on a point.
Would a glass build plate survive the "pounding" from using the Tap mod?
I’ve not tested it, but given what we have seen with PEI, I do not expect that there will be a problem. The glass will be harder than all common nozzles, so it shouldn’t chip or score the surface, and 800g of force that’s required to activate Tap isn’t nearly enough to break a normal glass build plate. So I THINK you should be fine. If you do get some results with Tap on a glass plate, please report back! We would love to know how it works for you!
Thanks for your replies! My FYSETC kit arrived yesterday so I'll post the results when it's operational. I see FYSETC added a 2.2 ohm resistor in series with the 24v input line included with the kit. Not sure what the resistor's composition is but it looks like a 1/2W film type. My original plan was to just strip the PCB of its regulator and associated parts and just use a series 220 ohm with the LED anode using the 5V power as per the manual. Is the 2.2 ohm resistor working out reducing the in-rush voltage spike?
Yes, the 2.2ohm resistor on the multi-voltage TAP board reduces the inrush spike that was smoking the regulators.
So far it looks good! I measured <700 grams of peak pressure and there was no issue with the glass build plate. Also measured the start-up voltage with my installation and it was < 30V ptp with the 2.2 ohm series resistor. I use Beldweld adhesive and a hot probe may make a dimple in the coating but I'll need to do some test prints to see if it's perceivable.

Thanks for the help!