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Thank YOU

As much as Discord is a great platform, it made keeping up with topics time consuming. It is very fast paced and required regularly reading the chats. I feel a forum has structure and does not require you to sift through all the discussions to find information you need.

Glad to be back as part of the community.
So happy to join here. Discord is great for instant answers, but traditional forums are more my speed and a lot easier to organize and find information. So thank YOU for setting it up.
After first joining Discord as a new Voron enthusiast, I was very happy to find the post on Reddit about this new forum.
I'm also a fan of classic, clear forums.
So a big hello to you all, and sorry in advance for the many questions I will have during the build. 😁
Best regards from Austria,
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this new Voron community. After 7 days there are over 1,000 members, almost 800 messages, and over 110 threads. That is not possible without your support.
Happy to be here, I like the pacing and organization of forum over the discord of Discord ,LOL, must be all the time I spend on USENET
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Okay, glad to hear it isn't just me that finds using discord confusing and hard. Yes, I'm an old retired, but very tech driven. Thank you 120decibell for having us!! It is so much appreciated. I have learned a lot so far. Hoping to learn more! (y)
Sorry for being late to the party but you did an awesome job 120 :) Thank you for opening up this line of communication for our community.