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There's no fool like an old fool


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Been printing away on my trident for some time now and a friend asked me if I could look at a small print job for them - no problem. Everything is running well, the only thing I'm unhappy with is what appears to be a low spot on the bed, but I can work around that. Started printing out parts, but now I'm in a rush to get the parts off the bed. Ah ha! It's a steel sheet held down by a magnet, I can pop it off, pop the part off, put the sheet back in place and start the run again!

Yeah - turns out that when you don't remove the protective plastic film over the smooth side, it shrinks with the heat, ruffles up and gives you terrible bed meshes that can move around.

So I've had to redo my Z-offset, but I'm getting a beautiful first layer now!1000051053.jpg
Thanks for telling that story!

Speaking of steel sheets... who started a home sequence only to hear clunk and Z motors skipping? AKA forgetting to put steel sheet on. 😅 (inductive probe.)
Just checked my V0 - yep, did the same thing there as well! That one didn't ruffle up though (nowhere near as many hours on that though)
I hear of the same thing happening every year so you are not alone.
:ROFLMAO: You actually got it to stick?! When I made that same mistake I was wondering why the heck a) the surface finish on the plate looked so cruddy, and b) why nothing would stick at all.

You aren't the only one to make that mistake, so you are not alone.
Fortunately the film was on the smooth PEI side, I've been printing on the textured side (after cleaning of course) with no adhesion issues aside from a wandering low spot...
You aren't the only one to make that mistake, so you are not alone.

I had that in my list of feedback to send to LDO as well. I *almost* missed it myself - because the build plate and magnet came stuck together, and really, I had no reason to separate them. If you never pulled them apart, you would never know it was there.