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Solved Thinking about switching from Revo to a Dragon or Rapido

Resurrecting an old post sorry! Really just wanted to provide a recent update. I ended up switching my 2.4 over to the Revo. That's what I was using on my 0.2 (which was a 0.1 at the time) but one of the wires broke some tens of hours in. I was able to get that replaced but had it sitting on a shelf as I was using a BMO for my V0 and Rapido for my V2.4.

I quite like the Rapido and I think it's honestly built better. However one huge issue I ran into is that it doesn't seem to easily print with HTPLA. I was getting the hardened bulbs much like stock Prusa MK3s (without replacing the heatbreak with a standard E3D one). Swapped in the Revo and so far all those problems went away. This was after doing lots of other things to try and mitigate the issue (including a wicked high RPM fan for the heatbreak).

So just adding this as a word of caution for future searches, if you print lots of HTPLA, the Rapido v1 (can't speak to v2) may not be your best pick. If you're not printing HTPLA though I think it's still great!
Yep you're welcome! I figured folks might discover this thread via searching and thought it'd be good to have an update. I dunno if the Revo will be the final form but so far it's having zero issues with the HTPLA (or anything else). Confident enough I may pick up an Obxidian perhaps. Even under normal use I find brass tends to wear more quickly than the nickel/copper nozzles I'm more used to (I really wish E3D would give us that but Obx will have to do for now)