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Solved This is a stupid question :P But any concern with placing my filament box on top of my 2.4 350?


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2.4 350, Trident 300
I just ordered a Trident 300 to sit next to my 2.4 350. That'll mean I won't have any table space for my spools. Ideally I need to get them up onto shelves I think but before I did that, I was curious about just simply placing them on top of the printers. I've been wary of that for fear it might change the resonances of the printers especially as the spools are consumed since it's adding top weight. I tend to use 3kg spools as well so that's not a small amount of weight. To avoid placing too much pressure on the center of the acrylic I was gonna put some plywood or something on top.

Good idea, bad idea?
The answer is it depends. The worse case scenario is I know a person who put spool holders on top. And they shook enough to actually effect the print quality. In this example it was extreme because they had multiple for mmu setup. So yes it can affect the printer and quality. But there is a probably a happy medium.