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TMC TMC 'stepper_x' reports GSTAT: 00000002 drv_err=1(ErrorShutdown!


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I would like to ask for advice. I recently assembled a voron 2.4 and now it is stuck.
The motor operates abnormally. When executing home, TMC TMC 'stepper_x' reports GSTAT: 00000002 drv_err=1(ErrorShutdown! This error appears directly.
I searched the Internet but couldn't find a correct solution. Is this a wrong wiring of the motor? The motherboard is M8P verion 2.0
attach files is my printer.cfg , I try to swap TCM 2209 with XY and Z still error


  • printer.txt
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A log file would be a little more useful. It does say Stepper X so you can look at what motor is connected to X. Swap the wires with Y and see what happens. Could be a bad driver. Swap the drivers with Y and X next to see if the issue moves with it.