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Turning a German RepRap x400 into a Voron


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So my work has this German RepRap x400 that is broken and they have been troubleshooting it for months and cannot fix it. I mentioned that I could convert it to a Voron.
I have not built a Trident but I have done a 2.4.
I think what I am going to do is rip out all the electronics and put in an Octopuss and Raspberry PI.
I might need to figure out the motors an the rotation of the motion system but I don't think this is going to be very difficult.
They do not use 2 extruder's so I will pull one out as well. Not sure if I can put a Steathburner on it yet.

Can anyone see any unforeseen issues I may run into?
Here is the printer. https://www.innovatiq.com/en/products/3d-printers/x400/


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Depending on what parts you are keeping vs replacing it looks like it might work