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Question Uncommanded Part Scaling


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New to Voron, but not to printing. After getting my Voron built and calibrated everything seemed to be fine. For reference, when I print a Cali-cube it’s near dead on. Once I got comfortable and began printing for fun, I started to notice some scaling issues. Whether I use Bambu/orca slicer, Cura, Prusa, etc. they will all read the part and scaling options correct as to what it should be set at, then when I go to print and it finishes, the part has been printed at a +2% scale. It seems to only take effect when a part takes up a majority of the build surface as calibration cubes come out spot on every time.

Any big noggins out there have a clue?
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So it actually could be the opposite of what you think let me explain. If you are printing a cube and run really high fans you could be introducing shrinkage. It could be that a full sheet is enough to have the fan off to part long enough. Put 4 cubes 1 at each corner and see. This seems more likely than multiple slicers having the same bug.
What are your klipper settings for the stepper motors? Could you have an error in the steps line?
Yeah you could I have had that with some motors before. You can tune motor steps on a corexy but you have to rotate the test 45°