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Solved Unknown sensor temperature_sensor Chamber


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LDO Trident 300
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Clockwork 2
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Hi all,

I am baffled. I had to dissembkle the stealthburner to clean a clog in the hot and after reassembling and I tried to do a print it will show an error message in the console 'before' the heatbed reaches its target temp. If the heatbed target temp is 95 the error will appear when it reaches pass 94 degree.

I assume (i cloud be wrong) that if this error is saying 'chamber' could the problem be related to the Thermistor?#


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    Screenshot 2024-03-22 185648.png
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You probably have some code in a macro that is expecting a chamber thermistor value that isn't really there.
Can you upload your printer.cfg so it can be checked?
At a glance though it looks like you renamed your chamber sensor from 'chamber' to 'chamber_temp'.
You will need to modify your macros to match, or simply rename it back to 'chamber'