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Unwanted Z movement on X travel


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Hello there!

Recently, I discovered a strange behavior of the gantry whie the head is traveling the X axis

When the head move, I saw a movement on the Z axis, going up...
I understand now why my bedmesh is very weired.
Lately, it's being worse and worse, see the map below:

I tried tensionning again, removed the belts to check if gantry is running smoot, etc...
My only clue is the type of belt, it's a PU, steel reinforced, more rigid than a standard fiberglass one

Does anyone know the origine of this?

Thank you for your help!
I don't know that it's directly related, but I'd encourage you to double check the minimum bend radius of those steel reinforced belts. Generally it's rather larger than the pulleys used in these printers.
Hello, using steel belts is not recommended, those steel cores do not like the tight bends around out small pulleys and will break. I recommend getting a set of new belts, glass fiber reinforced, preferably Gates / Gates Unitta.

As for the Z movement when toolhead is moving, gantry is probably de-racked. Since de-racking is done with belts, it's possible that your belts stretched and do not have even tension. Check this video on how to de-rack SW gantry: https://www.youtube.com/live/cWhMmVQAloU?feature=share&t=33936 timestamped.