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v0.2 toolhead LED brightness too low


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Hey all,

I have LED sequins wired into X_ENDSTOP on the picobilical in my v0.2 build. I'm able to turn them on/off without an issue, but while on they're just not really all that bright. Not super useful at the brightness I'm getting out of them.

My .cfg for reference:
[output_pin toolhead_light]
pin: umb:gpio0
value: 0
shutdown_value: 0

The documentation for the install mentions the following:
There’s a hardware pullup on the Picobilical frame PCB, this results in two things:
  • The sequins being powered on during startup, until Klipper initializes and pulls it down again.
  • Reduced brightness.
If you’d like, you can desolder C15, R17, and bridge R14. These are clearly labeled on the PCB, you should double check the schematics before attempting.

I can't really find any more information on executing this. Is anyone aware of a more detailed instructions for fixing this issue?
Thanks in advance!
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