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V2.4 300 bed dimension


Hi guys, I am building a V2.4 300 and I already have a custom magbed 310x310mm made for another project , can I use it without problems or should I machine it down to 305mm as per specs.?
I'll install tap so don't need the Z endstop but I think it could be an issue for the purge bucket?
Not sure how much extra travel there is on a standard machine.
I'm not in front of my printer right now but you might have to mount the bed towards the front of the printer to be able to mount the brush/bucket close enough that the hotend can reach it. I don't think that's going to be an issue because the bed has some space at the front.

Pretty easy to check that on the 3D dataset ;)
310x310 will be fine. As was said the plate will need to be mounted about 5-10mm forward of normal to ensure reaching the Z endstop switch or brush purge. And some modification will have to be accounted for in the instructions for locating 0,0 as the corner of the bed will never be reachable.