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V2.4r2 - bed position post TAP install

Hi I have upgraded from CW1 with Omron probe to Stealthburner with TAP. When I QGL the probes points are displaced towards the front by around 40mm and the print is also dispaced by the same amount. I'm pretty sure its because the old probe was about the same distance from the nozzzle. Now I'm using TAP, which I'd thoroughly recommend, I need to reset the position of the probe/nozzle and I'm not sure how to do that. I suspect its somewher in printer.cfg but I can't find it. All help welcome
Inductive probe has Y offset of 25 mm from nozzle. When changing configuration to Tap, did you change the Y offset in [probe] section to 0 instead of 25?
yes -
## Inductive Probe
## This probe is not used for Z height, only Quad Gantry Leveling

## Select the probe port by type:
## For the PROBE port. Will not work with Diode. May need pull-up resistor from signal to 24V.
#pin: ~!PB7
## For the DIAG_7 port. NEEDS BAT85 DIODE! Change to !PG15 if probe is NO.
pin: PG10
## For Octopus Pro PROBE port; NPN and PNP proximity switch types can be set by jumper
#pin: ~!PC5


x_offset: 0
y_offset: 0
#z_offset: 0
speed: 10.0
samples: 3
samples_result: median
sample_retract_dist: 3.0
samples_tolerance: 0.006
samples_tolerance_retries: 3
{% set PROBE_TEMP = 150 %}
{% set MAX_TEMP = PROBE_TEMP + 5 %}
{% set ACTUAL_TEMP = printer.extruder.temperature %}
{% set TARGET_TEMP = printer.extruder.target %}

{ action_respond_info('Extruder temperature target of %.1fC is too high, lowering to %.1fC' % (TARGET_TEMP, PROBE_TEMP)) }
{% else %}
# Temperature target is already low enough, but nozzle may still be too hot.
{ action_respond_info('Extruder temperature %.1fC is still too high, waiting until below %.1fC' % (ACTUAL_TEMP, MAX_TEMP)) }
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
Maybe have a look at "points:" under [quad_gantry_level]
Since the probe offset is now 0 the points can be set to equal distances from the bed edges.

Example, for a 350x350 bed:

You could set the points even closer to the edges if you like.
Though maybe not too close since there may be deviations very close to the edges, not sure why.
Maybe because of dents or bends in the PEI sheet or some such.

Note: I don't think changing probe point locations will affect the print placement. But I'm not sure.