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Voron 2.4 Vibrations causing print failure


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Printer Model
Voron 2.4 (300x300mm)
Extruder Type
Clockwork 1
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My new-ish Voron 2.4 has begun to experience a very strange issue.

After approximately 30 hours of accumulated running, I noticed prints were beginning to fail more and more frequently. One day I noticed that it was making a rather strange noise. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the printer was becoming prone to making a terrible shuddering noise whenever the print head was moving in a diagonal direction. Over time, the frequency and severity of this shuddering increased until I could no longer print a part without experiencing a layer shift. The vibration usually begins when the printer has moved above 20-25 layers.

I have tried multiple different approaches to fixing the problem, but nothing has worked so far...
- Re-calibrating the z-offset
- Ensuring belt tension and path was set correctly to prevent skipping.
- Cleaning the teeth on all A/B drive gears to remove dust and dirt
- Slowing down the print speed and stepper acceleration.

I was able to recreate the issue just by moving the gantry around by hand and felt as if the belts are getting caught on something/each other. However, I cannot seem to find where this is happening.

If anyone has ever encountered this issue before, or might have any other ideas I could try, I would be very appreciative for the support!
Pretty strange issue. If you were moving it by hand and still feeling the issue I would think it's 1 of 2 things. Dirty rail carriage or bad motor.
You can test the carriage by removing on side of the gantry and sliding it and test each one.

Keep us updated on what you find.
Hmmm. The cleaning dust and dirt from the A/B drive was kind of a weird flag for me. At 30 hours your belts and pulleys should look pristine. Mine have more than 3000 hrs on them and still have no belt dust/crud on them. Double check you have it belted correctly on both sides. Many people step in the pothole of routing around the plastic rather than between the plastic and the pulley on the A/B motor mounts.


Be sure you can see this post from the back of the gantry for the A motor. The B motor does the same thing on the other side just with the lower belt. This is from page 126 of the 2.4r2 manual if you need to see more detail.