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VORON SLA upgrade?


New member
After finally dialing in my setup after it being on the shelf for 2 years (long story), the system absolutely blows me away! I got into 3d printing back in 2016 on cheap chinesium rigs, and the amount of ball busting I experienced made it not worth the hassle. After having a good bit of time to play with my Voron, it brings me joy to be back into the swing of printing but without the hassle! I have been consuming as much voron related content as I can scavenge for upgrades and tricks as well and I love all of the customization that everyone has come up with!

It occurs to me that the 350mm^3 model would absolutely fit a resin tank, LCD, and build plate. Has anyone tried to shoehorn an SLA setup into one? It seems the core parts to print resin wouldn’t cost too awful much to implement. I would love to see links if anyone has conjured up such a thing!
AFAIk there is no plan for a SLA Voron. Different technology, and those things are pretty simple mechanically--it's really just the Z axis that does anything.