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Voron Stealthburner HALP PLEASE


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Hey guys so I am brand new to the Voron game and am wanting to upgrade my Ender 6 to a Stealthburner tool head and direct drive. I have a Phaetus Dragon hotend coming in tomorrow with all the thermistor and heater cart goodies. I am also getting a Mini Sherpa extruder to sit on top of it. What my question is, does anyone have Stealthburner print files that are compatible with the Dragon and a Mini Sherpa combo? Or close enough to where I could modify them in CAD to fit my needs?

PS; The Ender 6 uses the same mounting system as the Ender 5 so anything compatible with the Ender 5 will work here as well.
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I would check all the usual places like Printables, Thingiverse, Thangs, ect. If you don't find it there you can check the voron Discord, them seem to have or find everything ;)