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Voron Vendor Celebration


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This year we celebrated with the Voron Team and our vendors. We had our first ever vendor celebration. This is the opportunity for the vendors to celebrate with the Voron community, and I have to say I was blown away by the vendors and how much they came out to support it. We have an amazing group of vendors. They will get down in the trenches and support all the crazy ideas people come up with in our community. We look forward to celebrating at every opportunity we can in the future. Below is the list of all the vendors that supported the event. It was a huge success, and we appreciate all that they do. Thank you guys and keep up the good work.

3dlabtech https://www.3dlabtech.ca/

3DPTronics https://www.3dptronics.com/

Caribou3d https://caribou3d.com/

cactatocoffee https://www.cactatocoffee.com/

ChaoticLab https://chaoticlab.xyz/

DFH.FM https://dfh.fm/

E3d https://e3d-online.com/

Fabreeko https://www.fabreeko.com/

Fusion Filaments https://fusionfilaments.com

goo.by.frank.af (Frank)

goo.by.frank.af (Sanity)

KB3d https://kb-3d.com/store/

Lab 4450 https://lab4450.com/

Lightweight Labware https://www.lightweightlabware.com/

Lukes Laboratory https://lukeslabonline.com/

Mandala Roseworks https://mandalaroseworks.com/

Pex Peppers https://pexpeppers.com/

Printed3d https://www.printed3d.net/

Printy Please https://www.printyplease.uk/

Tensor 3D https://www.tensor3d.com/

UniguePrints https://uniqueprints.shop/

Voron Design https://vorondesign.com/

West3d https://west3d.com/

Fystec https://www.fysetc.com/

LDO Motors http://ldomotors.com/

MagicStudios https://magicphoenix.xyz/
This was amazing to see! First all the vendors showing up with big hearts and big boxes of gifts, then the enthousiasm of the community before, during and after the event.

10/10 would join again!
This goes to show what an incredible community this place is. Many thanks to the vendors and team for putting it on.
Wish I could have been there. At least there are gifs.

I'm so lucky to have found all of you and I wish you all a very happy holiday, and an even better New Year.

And to Dustin, thanks for all the work you put in. Not just on this.

❤️ dfh