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What do you have your printer sitting on? (Desk, Table, Custom Shelf?)


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I am trying to gather some ideas on where I would like my printer to finally end up once I am done putting it together.

Share where you have your printer at!

I am debating on building a custom work bench for it with filament storage and etc but not sure if there are some other cool custom ideas I could do.

Thanks in advance!
My trident 300 sits on the floor, nice and stable. Smaller printers like my v0 and salad fork are on an ikea desk I use as a work surface.
All of my printers are on typical wood top workbenches although I am running out of room. I ran my V2.2 on an Ikea lack end table when I first built it. It wasn’t the best but was fine.
Mine sits on an old but sturdy 80cm high drawer cabinet that also serves to store 3D printing shit.
I have my on a sit and stand desk. It's not the most stable but it is good for working the printer. I do have other printers on industrial style racks from Costco.
I just have it on a 6 foot long workbench made of 2x4's and plywood.


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I got a spare 24"x24"x1.5" piece of black granite for a few dollars when ordering my countertops and added some 4040 and 2020 extrusion to make a mass-dampening table for my v2.1438.