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Whats the best software for building wiring diagrams?


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looking for something a bit better than paint.net for building nice looking wiring diagrams like the ones seen on the Docs site
I default to Adobe Illustrator because its what I have... For "smart" alignment and snapping, I imagine Figma would actually work pretty well. Runs from a browser and can even do collaboration. Free for light work!
Personally, I was using inkscape to make diagrams for hartk's afterburner toolhead PCBs. I'd experimenting with highlighting networks on mouse over too, to make finding connections easier.
I really *want* Fritzing to be the answer, but at least as of the last time I looked at it, it really wasn't: too hard to make new devices in it.
+1 on draw.io and since I happen to own a license: Illustrator - dont purchase it only for wire diagramms, draw.io is more than up to the task
I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Which ever one makes sense for the wiring diagrams I do for myself or the communityInterface Cable Diagram.jpg


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I don't have any recommendation, But I would really love to know what option you ended up going for
I used Draw.io for this one.
There's a downloadable release here: https://github.com/jgraph/drawio-desktop/tree/v21.6.1
And a web app here: https://app.diagrams.net/

You can set up a library and add custom images and define their node connection points.

Then you can connected different elements with the lines (wires) which you can customize with a drop-shadow and even define how lines cross over each other.

Here's the license info if concerned with how you can use this for Open Source projects docs