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Question Would this warrant some optimization?


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Printer Model
V2.4, Trident
Extruder Type
LGX Lite
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I was browsing through some of my V2.4 Pictures I took a while ago and while having a look at the below one...

...I suddenly realized how cantilevered the Tool Head's Center of Gravity must be towards the front in relation of the Y-Axis Carriers location - Any thoughts on bringing the two more in line with each other by moving the Carriers more towards the front? 🤔🤨
I believe more logical would be bringing the toolhead as close to the extrusion as possible :)
I am not sure offsetting mounting point for Y rails forward in XY joints would improve it. Printed XY joints would require more plastic, plastic will also flex a bit, which may cause other alignment issues. I am not a designer though, that's just my thinking as to why keep X extrusion close to Y rail carriages.