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X homing goes down, Y homing goes down, Z homing goes up?


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Formbot Voron 2.4r2 kit
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I have Tap installed, voltage (24V) comes from PB7 on the Octopus, but sensor line is connected to PG15. The Endstops "Z" and "Probe" read correctly in Klipper when open (toolhead in lowered position) and triggered (toolhead held upwards).

Now here is the weird part, when I send the command "G28 x" or click the X home button in Klipper, the nozzle moves closer to the bed, then homes the X-axis correctly.
If I run "G28 y" or click the Y home button in Klipper , the nozzle moves closer to the bed, then homes the Y-axis correctly.
If the nozzle is close to the bed any of these homing commands would cause the nozzle to scrape against the bed and that's no good obviously.

If I run "G28 z" or click the Z home button in Klipper, the nozzle moves away from the bed and rises to the top of the gantry with no signs of stopping so I either pull up on the toolhead and the Tap sensor stops the movement, or I click Emergency Stop before anything bad happens.

Any ideas as to why the X and Y axes move downwards before homing and why the Z axis moves in the wrong direction when trying to home?


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Yep, that was it. Being new to Klipper I wasn't sure if there was just one global setting to "make Z axis home in the opposite direction" or if each stepper needed to be manually adjusted.

To fix the issue, I updated these four sections in the printer.cfg.


In each of those sections I either removed the exclamation point "!" or added it, whatever the opposite was, example:

dir_pin: !PG3

dir_pin: PG3

Once that was done the Z axis homed properly, printer.cfg attached for future reference.

Thank you for your help lord-carlos!


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