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3Dimensionally.com UK Vendor for Filament & Printer Parts


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Hey all!

We are a UK-based company, committed to making 3D printing affordable and accessible to everyone.

Founded with a vision to make 3D printing affordable for everyone, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality, reliable 3D printer filaments at competitive prices. Our mission is to break down the barriers to 3D printing, making this incredible technology a practical choice for creators, innovators, and businesses across the UK. At the time of this post, all products available on my website is the cheapest across the UK.

As we have started off, we have limited stock of CF Filament as well as parts. We are all about listening to our customers, so if there is anything that you feel that you would like to speak to use about feel free to reach out to us via the most convenient way to you as mentioned here: https://3dimensionally.com/contact-us/

Everything we stock is based on what our customers ask for. At the moment we have:
  1. Filament
    1. PLA made in the UK
    2. ASA
    3. PC-CF
    4. ASA-CF
    5. PETG-CF
  2. Other Parts
    1. Nevermore Carbon
    2. Misumi Shoulder Bolts
    3. LDO 2804 Round Shaft Motors (Regular and High Temp)
    4. Gates Belts
    5. Idlers (with / without. teeth)
    6. Hardened Steel Nozzles
    7. Moons Motors for extruders

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Here is the direct link to the shop: https://3dimensionally.com/shop/

Happy Printing!
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