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48V steppers - comparing results


I got an Octopus Pro, 5160s, and a 48V PSU for my new V2's A/B. I haven't really noticed any difference except the steppers are a lot noisier (in terms of sound), print quality isn't as good as my older V2 but I'm thinking that's more due to it having a worse base (floor versus mass dampening table) and a lack of time spent tuning. I'm using Stepper Online 17HM19-2004S1s on both. My V2.1438 is just using 2209s at 24V and are a lot quieter. I went with this model since I got feedback on Discord that the LDO 0.9-degree steppers caused more resonances/ VFA artifacts and in general, I focus on print quality, so 0.9-degree steppers versus 1.8-degree seemed like the way to go.

Was looking for feedback from any community members who also took the 48V plunge - what was your experience like? I.e. was it the same as mine - absolutely no change and more noise? Are there some recommended settings (I tried a bunch of different settings but nothing besides stealthchop - which I really don't want to run on A/B - really seemed to do anything meaningful) to make your 48V steppers perform? Did I just get unlucky and these are not the steppers to use for 48V for some reason? (i.e. I'm missing something from the specs)

Thanks in advance.