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5v power supply


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Anything wrong with powering the raspberry pi off the octopus board usb port and not using a dedicated 5v power supply? I looks like that is how LDO is doing it in their kit. My formbot kit came with a 5v power supply but I want to do anything I can to reduce the wiring.
This is what I do, and haven't had a problem. None of my printers use a dedicated 5v power supply anymore.
If you use a webcam and don't have a USB cable with higher gauge wire you can easily get inder voltage errors.

My preference is simply run power from the Octopus 5v pins to the Pi gpio pins with thick enough wire to handle the current.
I also am running my Pi off the GPIO pins. I have two 5V lines running now. I started with one and even after adding the webcam (OV5648 laptop type) it ran fine for a while. I started getting intermittent undervolt errors, so just added the second line and it's been fine since.