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Any reason not to use a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W in 2024?


Is there any reason not to use a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W for a 0.2 S1 build (LDO kit) in 2024?

Headless setup, Klipper + Mainsail + Webcam.
The RPi Zero 2 W is perfectly fine, even for the bigger printers. The original Zero lacks some processing power for some tasks, like calculating input shaping values, but could be used if you don't push it.
Yea, if you can't get one or feel you may need more ports on the Pi. If you opt for one of BTT's Manta MCU boards, that would be another reason to not use one. That takes a Pi CM4 module right on to the MCU board, but they don't include Manta board with the LDO kits.

The Pi Zero 2W uses the Pi 3 B SoC on it, just with 512 MB of RAM, not 1 GB like on the Pi 3 B/B+. The webcam will eat your one USB port, leaving you to connect the MCU via serial. If you want a wired Ethernet connection, you'd either need to add a USB adapter (loosing the webcam, if it's not a DSI camera) or use a Pi B model that has it built in. Adding any accessory like a USB hub tends to eat into the $20USD savings that it has over a Pi B model, but it is the most compact Pi (ignoring the CM modules that need a carrier board to even be usable, thus being larger once factored in) that exists and there are expander boards that take advantage of the form factor.