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Anyone else using a Super PINDA?


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Voron 0.1
I haven't printed the cowling yet but I modded the Revo cowling to include a spot to mount a Super PINDA since I happen to have an extra one. I know klicky! I'll probably do that on my 2.4 build but that seemed lot a lot of extra complexity on a 0.1 over just running a PINDA to the head and connecting it to the board and want to keep things tidy.

Mostly I want to be able to map the bed so I know when it might be time to relevel it (and can use the bed map as a leveling aide). Even with Kirigami, I find I'm having to adjust the bed more often than I'd like. I'm guessing the changing weather (temperature) is playing a role plus things just settling or something. I check the beds on my Nylock-modded Prusas once a quarter unless I see something is overtly off. 0.1 requires reveling about every 3-5 prints right now.

Anyways curious if anyone has done this already and how it's been going?


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I made a cowling with the probe mounted to the rear right hand corner, probing worked well and the mesh showed as expected.

I found that the problem of you having to re-level your bed may still be there though as I found the probe to keep constantly changing results even after a repeated mesh with same temps on bed, in and around the printer.. which I found odd.. or maybe a bad probe.

After several attempts and bad first layers I just reprinted the bed mounts and changed back to my previous cowling.. maybe I had a bad spool of abs with the bed mounts previously but find now I’m not having to adjust much at all just make sure I heat soak the bed to the same’ish temp each time seems to work best.

Would like a probe on mine though, and considering designing a clicky style but using the Z switch and just mounting it to the tool head (cowling) somehow or nozzle like the tap tap..


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Oh I didn't think about the right rear! Mine was on the right front. Rear would be a better spot I think!

Since you mentioned bed mounts, are you using the standard V0 bed? I did find switching to the Kirigami made a noticeable difference in keeping things more level print to print. I still have to level the bed, but seems to be much much less, at least so far. It's not like say my Prusas though. I only relevel those once a quarter maybe.