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I have created a brushing macro that is capable of adapting to everyone's needs and can use the entire brush. Regardless of what printer you have, the brush you're using or where you put it on the printer this macro will work with it. it also allows you to take full advantage of your whole brush by brushing in 3 dimensions with a diagonal pattern and you can have it lower and even ramp up speed with strokes. No longer will you have to edit someone else's macro to work with your printer or make one of your own, this will work for everyone and provide more features than you could ever want. Enjoy an enhanced brushing experience and get a cleaner nozzle due to excellent brushing performance that you won't find in other macros for brushing. Keep in mind this is a work in progress and I have been unable to test all combinations of variables so any help in testing the macro, as well as improving it would be greatly appreciated. If you're interested, here's the link:

I have a weird issue when I enable this, even after reducing the retractions to 0, for some reason it retracts my filament all the way out of the extruder causing a failed print unless I manually load filament. I haven't looked into this further yet, but I am using an adapted config that I made from the RatRig machines I run too...