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bed mesh problem


Printer Model
voron 2.4
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
hello, I have by place built a voron 2.4,
and I have a problem with the plate mesh.
I've tried everything but I can't get a perfect first layer.
can anyone give me any advice?


  • Screenshot 2024-01-01 171134.png
    Screenshot 2024-01-01 171134.png
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The bed seems to be under tension. You could do a "warm" and "cold" bed-mesh? If there is a big difference, it could be a problem within the aluminum, when there is material-tension from the production-process.

Is the bed fixed with all bolts? They should not be too tight, so the bed has room to expand when heated.
I tried adjusting the screws on the rails and the bed.
But I can't get a better result than this.
this and the cold plate


  • Screenshot 2024-01-02 153727.png
    Screenshot 2024-01-02 153727.png
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When the cold bed has a difference of 0.2mm it looks like it is deformed to me. The heated bed has only a difference of 0.1mm - which is much better, but it really looks like the aluminum is "working" too much, when heating up. I don't know if there is a typical fix for that. Maybe one of the veterans has an idea.
0.2 to 0.1 bed mesh is fine. I have a 350 and the mesh min-max is around 0.17mm and I get perfect 1st layers over the entire sheet.

What is your Print_start macro? Do you call the bed mesh at the start of the print?

You should have a:


line in your macro - this assumes you have done a "save_config" after you ran a hot bed mesh.

Also - only 1 of the 4 bed screws should be tight. The others are to be snug so that the plate can float just a little when it warms up.