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BMG Shaft Assembly — D-cut too short?


I'm building a Mini Stealthburner from my LDO v0.2 kit. The right-most position for the primary gear is still not enough to be centered with the filament path. The set screw doesn't allow to move the primary gear the last 0.2-0.3 mm closer to the T50 gear (original Bondtech BMG part), because the flat part of the shaft is too short. Is it a tolerance thing, so I may have better luck ordering a second one or is it an issue with my printed parts?


The shaft is 27.56 mm long in total and the shorter part behind the plastic gear was already ~3 mm, so there was no need to sand it down.
I had the same issue with the Bondtech gears.

They were even the worst I´ve tested (uniformity of extrusion).

You can extend the flat spot with an angle grinder ;)

If you want to order new parts, I recommend looking at Mellow on aliexpress, they never disappointed me.
Interesting. In abscence of a grinder and/or the wish to change the geometry of the shaft I'd actually prefer a less "invasive" solution, but thank you for sharing!

Are there any other brands worth testing? Preferably available in EU. Funny enough: I just found a Mellow pulley lying around.

Greg (from Greg's Makers Corner) and Crys (Crys' Livingroom Workbench) seem to have no issues of this kind (just the shaft was too long) here. But he also uses the older (black gear) version of the shaft assembly.

Any experience with Bondtech OEM RIDGA v2 in a Mini StealthBurner?
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