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BTT SB2240 with error: MCU 'EBBCan' shutdown: ADC out of range



I just switched from the original setup to CAN with a SB2240, but I'm unable to read the extruder temperature correctly (always -109). I use a 2-wire PT100, my switches are set S1 on, the three others off. This is my config:

[extruder] step_pin: EBBCan: PD0 dir_pin: !EBBCan: PD1 enable_pin: !EBBCan: PD2 gear_ratio: 50:10 #BMG Gear Ratio microsteps: 16 full_steps_per_rotation: 200 #200 for 1.8 degree, 400 for 0.9 degree rotation_distance: 22.4891434 nozzle_diameter: 0.400 filament_diameter: 1.750 heater_pin: EBBCan: PB13 sensor_type: Generic 3950 sensor_pin: EBBCan: PA3 control: pid pid_kp: 21.391 pid_ki: 1.240 pid_kd: 92.247 min_temp: 10 max_temp: 280 pressure_advance: 0.02 pressure_advance_smooth_time: 0.01 max_extrude_only_distance: 101

Hope anyone has an idea what I'm doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance
With the MAX31865 configured like this:

#sensor_type: Generic 3950
#sensor_pin: EBBCan: PA3

sensor_type: MAX31865
sensor_pin: EBBCan: PA4
spi_speed: 1000000
spi_bus: spi1
rtd_num_of_wires: 2
rtd_use_50Hz_filter: True
rtd_nominal_r: 100
rtd_reference_r: 430

the error changed to MCU 'EBBCan' shutdown: Thermocouple reader fault and in the klippy log I see those entries with a temperature of 940.7

Stats 1490.5: gcodein=0  mcu: mcu_awake=0.000 mcu_task_avg=0.000003 mcu_task_stddev=0.000003 bytes_write=6780 bytes_read=7443 bytes_retransmit=9 bytes_invalid=0 send_seq=335 receive_seq=335 retransmit_seq=2 srtt=0.001 rttvar=0.000 rto=0.025 ready_bytes=0 upcoming_bytes=0 freq=180003139 EBBCan: mcu_awake=0.001 mcu_task_avg=0.000007 mcu_task_stddev=0.000008 bytes_write=1654 bytes_read=5053 bytes_retransmit=0 bytes_invalid=0 send_seq=175 receive_seq=175 retransmit_seq=0 srtt=0.001 rttvar=0.000 rto=0.025 ready_bytes=0 upcoming_bytes=0 freq=64000241 adj=63999222  heater_bed: target=0 temp=20.4 pwm=0.000 sysload=0.20 cputime=102.557 memavail=747628 print_time=0.001 buffer_time=0.000 print_stall=0 extruder: target=0 temp=940.7 pwm=0.000