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Can you print Voron parts with Fiberlogy Easy ABS?


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I am planning to build a Voron, and I'm currently weighing my options. I have a non-enclosed printer, so at first I didn't consider printing my own parts, since the instructions are pretty clear that ABS is the preferred material. That's until I learned that there are ABS-variants that can be printed without an enclosed chamber like Fiberlogy Easy ABS. https://fiberlogy.com/en/fiberlogy-filaments/easy-abs/

Does anyone have experience with this filament, or thoughts about using it to print Voron parts?
I am not sure about EasyABS to be frank, to me it looks more like ABS+ which - while easier to print - is not as good as normal ABS. Fiberlogy's regular ABS is of high quality though. You wrote you do not have enclosure - any chance you can throw a cardboard box over the printer? Or heck even a trash bag over print area will do the job :) Neromade videos on how to print ABS with some useful tips and tricks https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7zrGeKp_8CTrnUhxSyeRiCQqPpAbienf
Like @Sanity Agathion said, a cardboard box or trash bag over the printer should be enough. I printed my entire Trident in ABS on my Prusa Mini with its shipping box over it. The only parts I had trouble with were bigger ones like the feet. Those wanted to warp, but adding a 8-9mm brim eliminated that problem. You're just trying to keep out drafts and get the air temp around the printer up a bit.
To build on what Sanity and Claudermilk said, there are lots of ways to fight the warp. Some slicers include settings now that build a wall around the part as it prints to prevent drafts from hitting the print. Slowing the print down a lot can also help with warping.
Focus on the parts you need to print to get up and running and if you have to go back and redo some or print the cosmetic parts later that is acceptable.